Warranty Terms


We are committed to providing high quality carbon fiber wheel products to our customers. We are also dedicated to providing quality support and after-sales service to our customers. Our full range of carbon fiber wheels are backed by a three-year quality guarantee and a lifetime limit service.

Quality Assurance
Within 3 years from the date of product activation, we will provide you with a completely free warranty (except for man-made and accidental damage). You only need to contact the dealer from whom you purchased the wheels. We will repair and ship within 5 working days after receiving the wheels (hub, freebody, bearing, quick Release, spokes, nippless and other consumable parts are not covered by the warranty, but we offer discount service, the freight is at your own risk).

The original intention of developing the wheel set is to hope that you can enjoy cycling and have a faster and more stable riding experience.

You will not be able to enjoy the free warranty provided by us if there are, but are not limited to, the following unexpected factors that cause the wheel to be damaged:

Self-removal of the wheel set (except for normal maintenance of the hub)
Wrong installation wheel set
Accidental damage
Not use the matching brake pads we provided
Beyond the use of the wheel set (for example, using a road wheel set for non-paved road riding, etc.)
Lifetime Limited After-sale Service
I am very happy that you have chosen Farsports wheel set, no matter which channel you purchase our wheel, we will provide a lifetime limited after-sale service. We are constantly improving the quality of our products, but we can’t guarantee that our products will maintain the factory performance standards after a violent collision and long-term riding in different weather condition. In order to be able to ride safely over the warranty period, we offer a “70% charged replacement” service for life: no matter what form of damage our products are, you only need to send the damaged wheel back, which can be replaced with a new set at 70% the same price purchased at the retail price (excluding shipping).